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From English to Spanish and Galician… or between Galician and Spanish

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Translation for dubbing or voice-over

I can translate scripts so that a dubbing actor gives voice to what I write. Whether it is for dubbing or for voice-over, you can count on me —I translate any scripted audiovisual product.

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Translation for subtitles and spotting

Do you need to add subtitles to your audiovisual product? In that case, I’m the person you’re looking for. I can translate your subtitles from a script and create the spotting, or just translate them from a template. If you want, I can also burn the subtitles in your video. It’s up to you!

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Metadata translation

If you need to translate trailers, teasers or synopsis, I can manage that. I’ll make sure everything related to your audiovisual product has a rightful translation and the coherence is maintained.

Subtitles for social media

Creation of subtitles considering social media formats. Most times we can’t use the audio, so the subtitles will ensure that people watch your content.


Subtitles for hard of hearing people (SDH): Creation of subtitles for hard of hearing people following the norm UNE 153010 in both Spanish and Galician. I’ll help you have an accessible product for everyone.


If you have a video in Spanish or Galician and you need a transcription, I’ll be delighted to help you. I can create the script of your audiovisual product or the dialogue lists, whatever you desire.

Proofreading or QC

If you want me to proofread a translation or some original text in Spanish or Galician, ask me. Proofreading is a very important step that often goes unnoticed. If you want to get rid of any possible mistakes, I can help you.

Webpage localisation

Do you wish to reach a wider audience by translating your website? You can count on me to localise your business webpage and attract more clients.

General translations

If what you request is a translation of a text, I can also offer you that service. Just tell me your demands!

what differentiates me

My core values


Quality audiovisual translations with complete confidentiality: break language barriers without worrying about the security of your content.

Friendly communication

Close and personalized audiovisual translations: I accompany you at every step of the process to ensure that your message reaches your audience with the right empathy and approach.

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Delivery on time

Impeccable audiovisual translations: my punctuality on the delivery ensures your material arrives to the audience on time, without any delay or problem.


Audiovisual translations with a touch of creativity: my passion for art and expression allows me to offer you unique and captivating linguistic solutions, taking your audiovisual level to a whole new level.

I love new challenges!
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